Should They Stay or Should They Go? GK and Defence

Should They Stay or Should They Go? GK and Defence
June 11, 2013 arisesirrafa

By Andrew Fanko (TTT Subscriber Arisesirrafa)

Should They Stay Or Should They Go? Goalkeepers and Defence

Roll up, roll up! With another season behind us, it’s time for you to cast your annual judgement on how our squad should shape up next season. With the help of the How Did They Do? series (and hopefully my own assessments of each player’s performance, strengths and weaknesses), we’d like you to decide whether each member of our squad deserves to be at the club on 1 September 2013 after the transfer window (cliché alert) slams shut. Once all the votes are cast, we’ll be able to build a nice picture of the views of a significant number of (for the most part!) thoughtful and balanced Reds.

There will be three articles in total. This first one will deal with goalkeepers and defenders, and then subsequent articles will look at midfield and attack. I’ve restricted it to players who have made at least five competitive ‘starts’ (see below for what I mean by ‘start’) for the first team in 2012/13, otherwise the articles may have become too lengthy. I’ll deal with loanees and those who have featured fewer than five times at the end of each article.

For the purposes of these articles, a start is deemed to be when a player has featured for more than 45 minutes, and a sub appearance is when a player has featured for less than 45 minutes. This means, for example, that a player who is subbed off in the first half is deemed to have made a sub appearance, while his replacement (assuming he plays the remaining minutes) is deemed to have started. The points-per-game (PPG), win percentage (Win%) and clean sheet percentage (CS%) stats apply only to ‘starts’. The personal goal difference (PGD) refers simply to the net number of goals scored by Liverpool when that player is on the pitch. See the How Did They Do? series for more detailed individual performance stats. I’ve also included 2011/12 figures, where available and applicable, so you can compare performance over the last two seasons.

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