Should Buck Rodgers Be More Like The Dark Knight?

Should Buck Rodgers Be More Like The Dark Knight?
October 8, 2012 Daniel Rhodes

By Daniel Rhodes.

Using provocative, inflammatory or controversial headlines is just one of the ways newspapers sell copies or generate hits; a tool in their armoury. We’re all aware of Rodgers’ tactical principles; they’re just one of his tools – not for increasing sales and advertising revenue, but for winning football matches. And winning football matches regularly keeps you in a job. It also keeps the fans happy short term. But, what if you want to plan long term? You need other tools. A manager’s job isn’t just on the pitch and a manager’s reach doesn’t need to stop with his own players. Over a number of years a manager can build up influence within the game.

He can, like Sir Alex Ferguson, play the system. But do we want Brendan Rodgers to go down this path?

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