Liverpool FC Past Masters No.5 – Albert Stubbins

Liverpool FC Past Masters No.5 – Albert Stubbins
September 3, 2012 Chris Rowland

By Chris Rowland.

Strikers always hog the limelight and the attention. Always have. They’re the singer/lead guitarist of the football band, whilst the others, the team’s rhythm section, chug away in the background, largely unnoticed (sorry Beez – my brother’s a bass player too!).

The 20 top players in the recent TTT Poll (link) contained Dalglish, Rush, Fowler, Keegan, Beardsley, Torres, Suarez, Liddell and Owen, with Hunt a single vote further back. That’s eight out of the top 20, with just 12 places left for all the other positions.

Strikers generally cost more, create more headlines, and these days have more replica shirts with their names on the back.

Was it the same in legendary striker Albert Stubbins’ day, the mid/late 1940s? Well actually yes, it was.

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