Liverpool F.C. Past Masters No.1 – Alex Raisbeck

Liverpool F.C. Past Masters No.1 – Alex Raisbeck
July 4, 2012 Chris Rowland

He may not be a household name now, but without doubt Alex Raisbeck was the club’s first superstar, the Steven Gerrard of his era. He should forever be remembered by Reds’ fans.

The first in a long and illustrious line of great Scots to grace Anfield, stretching through Billy Liddell to Ron Yeats and Ian St.John to Hansen, Souness and Dalglish (not to mention a whole generation of ‘Mc’s from very early in the club’s history), Raisbeck was ‘ever prominent with head and feet’ in Liverpool’s first-ever title win in the 1900/01 season, and its second in 1905/6.

2-3-5 was the formation du jour back then – which made the middle one of the ‘3’ the fulcrum of the team, charged not only with crucial defensive responsibilities but also with instigating attacks, more like a modern holding midfielder than his position ‘centre half’ may imply.

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