The Liverpool Job Vacancy: A Media Diary

The Liverpool Job Vacancy: A Media Diary
June 5, 2012 Daniel Rhodes

By Daniel Rhodes.

Wednesday 16th May 2012:

‘Kenny Dalglish is sacked by Fenway Sports Group’

Brimming with self-congratulatory, we-told-you-so, back-patting enthusiasm, various outlets confirmed the exit of Dalglish, and Mike Ingham (BBC Sport) clearly had a reliable source, claiming,

I think Dalglish has paid a price for the Luis Suarez affair. The thing about Dalglish is that he is so supportive of his players and in the end I think he took the You’ll Never Walk Alone thing too far.”

The keywords from the above sentence? “I think” and “I think”. Liverpool fans would then endure, over the next 14 days, a vast array of football experts, in-the-know journalists and ranty, loud, foghorn chairmen telling them what they think. Because, as quickly became obvious, the football media didn’t have a clue. No leaks. No statements. No press conferences. Just, pure speculation.

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