Blackburn (H): Match Preview

Blackburn (H): Match Preview
December 24, 2011 Gary Fulcher

Liverpool play host to Blackburn Rovers on Boxing Day and Liverpool fans all over the world will be hoping for a late Christmas gift from the club in the form of three points. Despite the disappointing draw with Wigan last week, the Reds are only one of two teams who can still boast an unbeaten record at home this season (the other being Manchester City) and our opponents – Blackburn Rovers – are stranded at the foot of the table with owners (and a manager) facing increasing pressure from Rovers fans for their departure.

If Rovers manager Steve Kean was looking for some solace in the form of Blackburn’s previous visits to Anfield then he would be faced with a greeting from Old Man Scrooge himself. The 17 previous meetings at Anfield in the PL have seen Liverpool suffer just one defeat – 1-0 during the 1993/94 campaign – and Rovers have picked up maximum points on just nine occasions from their 63 overall visits to Anfield.

One place where Rovers supporters may take some comfort from is the previous Boxing Day meetings between the two clubs. Their have been three occasions when Liverpool and Blackburn have met on Boxing Day and Rovers have yet to taste defeat. Their has been one draw – 1-1 at Ewood Park on Boxing Day 2002 – and two victories for Blackburn: 1-0 at Ewood on Boxing Day 2006 and 2-1 at Anfield on Boxing Day 1903.

Liverpool’s Premier League record against Blackburn at Anfield:

  • P: 17 W: 11 D: 5 L: 1 F: 31 A: 11 GD: +20 Pts: 38

Liverpool’s overall league record against Blackburn at Anfield:

  • Total – P: 126 W: 53 D: 38 L: 35 F: 223 A: 170
  • Home – P: 63 W: 38 D: 16 L: 9 F: 135 A: 63
  • Away – P: 63 W: 15 D: 22 L: 26 F: 88 A: 107

Liverpool’s biggest victories and defeats against Blackburn at Anfield:

  • Biggest home win (overall): 4 – 0 (on four occasions)
  • Biggest home defeat (overall): 3 – 1 (9/9/1905)
  • Biggest home win (Premier League): 4 – 0 (11/4/2009 and 4/4/2004)
  • Biggest home defeat (Premier League): 1 – 0 (12/9/1993)


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