The Tomkins Times To Turn Two!

The Tomkins Times To Turn Two!
September 8, 2011 Paul Tomkins

As the second anniversary for The Tomkins Times looms (mid-September), I thought it was time to update members on new plans, and to welcome aboard new Subscribers.

First of all, before getting onto the info for members, a brief outline of what Subscribers get for their money (which is £3.50 a month or £40 a year).

On average, 18 articles are published a month on TTT (based on past four months), 13 of which are for Subscribers only. Last month, 21 were published, 16 of which were Subscribers only.

These articles are split between my work on various subjects; match previews; post-match tactical analyses; statistical breakdowns; financial analysis; a pro-qualified ref’s view of the decisions; and pieces of writing on aspects of the club’s history. Subscribers alone can access at least one new article of mine each week (lucky sods). The idea, however, is that if you like my work, and what I stand for, you will like the site as a whole; and if you don’t like my work or what I stand for, this isn’t the place for you.

The site ethos demands analytical writing, rather than knee-jerk reactions. The aim is to produce intelligent pieces, and – as is the case – have the debate in the comments section reflect the tone and quality of the pieces, rather than the way many public forums descend into inanity, insanity and insults.

Subscribers can access any of the archive, not just the posts from the time they sign up. PDFs of five of my books are also free to download. Special offers on future works are also open to Subscribers.

Currently, 80% of the Subscribers who voted think that the site is ‘excellent value for money’, with the remaining 20% finding it ‘good value for money’; leaving 0% who said it was not good value.

But perhaps the best testimonial is that the number of subscribers has increased each and every month since launch, through bad times for the club, and good.

The rest of this post is for Subscribers only.