How Transfer Deadline Day Alters Liverpool’s Tactics

How Transfer Deadline Day Alters Liverpool’s Tactics
September 5, 2011 Mihail Vladimirov

By Mihail Vladimirov.

The transfer window has finally creaked shut (I prefer that phrase to the hyperbolic “slammed shut” employed by Sky) and we can safely make one judgement – this appears to have been a great window for Liverpool Football Club.

The club has restructured its heavy wage bill by introducing a new order of value. We have a much deeper squad now on the same wages as a few, overpriced individuals from the past few years. Aside from these financial concerns, the team has been revamped and we appear to have more options throughout the side than at any point within the last twenty years.

The last day of August brought some surprises, both in and out. While Meireles going wasn’t a complete surprise, the manner of the transfer – including news of a written request just half-an-hour before the end of the registration period – caused some eyebrows to be raised from those outside the Anfield fold. More surprising was the in-bound transfer of Craig Bellamy, a man who, on first glance, doesn’t fit the profile of the new era. He is a thirty-two-year-old who has, let’s say, a dubious record when it comes to on and off the field incidents.

Granted, Liverpool tried to do some other business throughout the window. But in this article I prefer to concentrate on these two players, the ones who have sparked so much debate in the media, the fansites and on the forums.


Many have questioned the logic of his departure, but there is a rationale to the decision to let Raul Meireles leave for Chelsea. For one, we know the managemerial hierarchy (of Dalglish, Comolli and Henry) would not sanction any deal that did not benefit both the club and the team, even if that benefit might not be obvious in the short or mid-term.

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