Ten Tactical Reasons To Be Optimistic – Part 2

Ten Tactical Reasons To Be Optimistic – Part 2
June 28, 2011 Mihail Vladimirov

By Mihail.

In the first article I went over the first five reasons to be optimistic for the new season. Were you convinced? If not, here’s five more…

6 – Co-ordinated Pressing

They say that attack is the best form of defence. If so, Hodgson’s defence was diabolical.

Under Roy, Liverpool played with a very rigid formation that invited pressure all over the final third of the pitch. The logical result (in theory and in reality) was that Liverpool conceded goals – 25 in the first 20 matches, with only 6 clean sheets.

When Dalglish took over the team started to play in a more positive fashion, pushing up the defensive line and pressing all over the pitch. This meant the team were imposing pressure rather than inviting it. The defence consequently improved – 17 goals were conceded in 18 matches, with a more impressive 8 clean sheets.

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