Should They Come or Should They Not?

Should They Come or Should They Not?
May 5, 2011 Chris Rowland

Following Andrew Fanko’s excellent recent examination of who should stay or go (still the strikers to come as I write this), it’s a good time to think about who will be replacing those who will not form part of Liverpool’s plans.

I have to admit to being a transfer gossip junkie, not least to laugh out loud at the media’s latest utterly fictitious transfer links. It’s kind of addictive – most days in the Rowland household start with me still 90% comatose, staring goggle-eyed and unblinking at the screen and dropping toast crumbs as I track down BBC Ceefax page 338, to see who we’ve been linked with overnight.

Some are from exemplars of fact-based reporting like caughtoffside, or those fearless seekers of the truth, the British national press.  Liverpool also carries a selection these rumours, giving them an air of (usually) unmerited authenticity.

Revealing my latent OCD tendencies, I’ve been tracking the players linked with Liverpool over the past few weeks and months. Of course virtually all of these have been linked with other clubs too, mostly Man Utd or Spurs, with Chelsea, Arsenal and of course Man City cropping up regularly too, so we’ll be competing against at least one of those for most of them.

Here are just 75 to get you started, but you may well be able to add others too.

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