The Week the 3-Year “Epic Swindle” Ended

The Week the 3-Year “Epic Swindle” Ended
October 27, 2010 Paul Tomkins

A Red Letter Day for Liverpool FC: The week that the three year “epic swindle” ended

By Daniel Geey. Daniel works as a solicitor for Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP and advises entities wishing to invest in the football industry, specifically in relation to the ‘fit and proper person’ test, conflicts of interest, multiple club ownership and third-party player ownership. He is also a subscriber to The Tomkins Times.

Liverpool football club appear not to do things by halves anymore. No longer are boardroom wranglings kept in-house. Dirty laundry has been hung out to dry on a fairly regular basis at LFC. Needless to say everything came out in the wash in the recent High Court cases. This article aims to peel back the legal arguments in order to understand the underlying basis and significance of one of the most significant weeks in the club’s history.

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