So, Who Calls the ‘Expert’ Shots?

So, Who Calls the ‘Expert’ Shots?
October 24, 2010 Paul Tomkins

By Paul Gill. A friend of mine used to say that X is an unknown quantity and a spurt is a drip under pressure.  Being a play on phonetics, it works better out loud than written down.

So, what makes a real ‘Expert’?

I’m always wary of those who proclaim themselves as an ‘Expert’.  You often find those who label themselves as ‘Experts’ have stopped learning.  You could probably fit football pundits in this category.

By exiting the game and entering the world of the media, there’s a cosiness that comes as a consequence of being employed because you used to play.  There’s a shocking amount of laziness in both research and delivery of the point they’re labouring to make.

Some of these pundits give so many opinions to so many people you can read two opposing views from the same pundit in the build up to a single game.

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