Chelsea (H) Pre/Post-Match Discussion

Chelsea (H) Pre/Post-Match Discussion
April 29, 2010 Gary Fulcher

DATE: Sunday 2nd May 2010

VENUE: Anfield



Match Preview: Liverpool v Chelsea games are never short of drama or controversy, but this meeting comes with an extra dose of anguish and mixed feelings. A Liverpool victory will maintain our slim chances of finishing 4th yet it could also put Man Utd in the driving seat to secure their 19th league title if they beat Sunderland (thus breaking our record of 18 league titles in the process if they went on to be crowned champions). A Chelsea victory will end our hopes of finishing 4th (especially if Spurs beat Bolton on Sat) but will leave the title in Chelsea’s hands. There are a lot of different scenarios that could play out this weekend, let’s just give it our best shot and hopefully the footballing Gods will finally smile on us this season!