Playoffs, 39 Games, and Other Madness

Playoffs, 39 Games, and Other Madness
March 22, 2010 JoeP

Joe Pepper is a former season ticket holder, now living in LA, where he works as a visual effects artist on Hollywood feature films. This is the first in a weekly feature on The Tomkins Times where subscribers get to write their own articles.

Cast your mind back.

Remember Britpop? Remember when some unheard of rockers from Manchester called Oasis won the best newcomer award at the Brits? Remember Parklife? Remember the battle of the bands for chart supremacy? Robson and Jerome anyone? If pop music’s not your thing, try this. Do you remember an embattled leader, under increasing pressure, being attacked from all sides? Do you remember those who thought said leader was too preoccupied with European affairs, and hadn’t delivered domestically? Remember the simmering discontent?

The leader in this case, was former Tory Prime Minister John Major. Back in the summer of 1995 he called his detractors’ bluff by resigning, only to retain his leadership in a vote when push came to shove. But this isn’t about a political comparison with football, and nor am I suggesting that Rafael Benitez should call his critics’ bluff by resigning. This is more about reminiscing. If you are of a similar age to me, that summer of 1995 probably seems like quite a long time ago now. So why mention it? Because, fellow football aficionados, the spring of 1995 was the last time a team other than Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea won the Premier League.

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