New-Look Tomkins Times

New-Look Tomkins Times
March 31, 2010 Paul Tomkins

As you may have noticed, the site has been evolving in recent weeks, with the addition of several high-quality guest writers and now a fresh new appearance for the home page.

The idea is that I provide the same amount of content as before (one original piece a week, minimum), but that on other days the site has articles from a variety of high-quality contributors – to help make the £3.50 a month for TTT even better value for money.

The regular features include pieces on the Reds’ history by authors Chris Rowland and Graeme Riley; pro-qualified ref Simon Fear’s monthly view on the refereeing decisions affecting LFC; player profiles from various writers on Reds young (youth and reserve) and old, past and present; and detailed match preview/discussion threads.

The aim is to be more like a magazine, with a variety of articles, which Subscribers can respond to in the style of a forum. (In other words, it’s like a private forum without all the inane threads and wind-up merchants.)

Following this survey, not a single Subscriber who chose to respond rated the site as less than good value, and that was before the new additions listed above.

(More about pie charts can be found here!)

As part of the changes, the most recent article will gain prominence on the home-page, below which will be three ‘featured’ posts, which could be from any period of the site’s history. This is to stop particularly good or pertinent posts from dropping down the page, or to bring back a golden oldie if it’s especially relevant.

As ever, thanks to Anu for his great work in getting this sorted.