Pre/Post-Match Fulham Discussion

Pre/Post-Match Fulham Discussion
October 30, 2009 Paul Tomkins

The trip to Fulham this weekend is part of a run of only two home games in eight fixtures, and three out of eleven – a quite incredible blip in the way games fall. This may in part explain some of the recent defeats, particularly with visits to Chelsea, Arsenal, Fiorentina and the far-from-easy trip to Sunderland in that sequence.

Fulham are much improved under Roy Hodgson – my choice for Manager of the Year last season (it went to David Moyes) – and this won’t be easy, but hopefully the first team will be taking Sunday’s confidence-boost into this fixture, after a shadow XI lost at Arsenal (although mostly played very well).

11 Games

19 Sep, 2009 West Ham United Barclays Premier League A

22 Sep, 2009 Leeds United Carling Cup third round A

26 Sep, 2009 Hull City Barclays Premier League H

29 Sep, 2009 Fiorentina Champions League Group Phase A

04 Oct, 2009 Chelsea Barclays Premier League A

17 Oct, 2009 Sunderland Barclays Premier League A

20 Oct, 2009 Lyon Champions League Group Phase H

25 Oct, 2009 Manchester United Barclays Premier League H

28 Oct, 2009 Arsenal Carling Cup 4th round A

31 Oct, 2009 Fulham Barclays Premier League A

04 Nov, 2009 Lyon Champions League Group Phase A