Rules for Posting on The Tomkins Times

The Tomkins Times is best viewed as a ‘club’; a private members’ club, if you will. (Only without the cigars and plush leather sofas/naked dancing women, depending on which type of private members’ club you relate to.)

Like a private members’ club, you pay for the privilege of admission. And like a private members’ club, you are expected to behave in a way that the management expect, and failing to do so will mean being escorted from the premises.

You might be used to more confrontational forms of debate, and while that may work well at times elsewhere, it’s not welcome here. It is meant to be an exchange of ideas, not a pissing contest.

This is not intended to be a bog-standard forum. Indeed, the site was originally intended purely as a vehicle for my writing, to help finally get some kind of financial stability. Therefore, the forum aspect of it is a bonus that has grown and grown since its inception.

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