Rules for Posting on The Tomkins Times

The Tomkins Times is best viewed as a ‘club’; a private members’ club, if you will. (Only without the cigars and plush leather sofas/naked dancing women, depending on which type of private members’ club you relate to, and without the sexism, racism and homophobia, too.)

Like a private members’ club, you pay for the privilege of admission. And like a private members’ club, you are expected to behave in a way that the management demand, and failing to do so will mean being escorted from the premises, with no refund.

You might be used to more confrontational forms of debate, and while that may work well at times elsewhere, it’s not welcome here. It is meant to be an exchange of ideas, not a pissing contest.

• Personal abuse of other posters is not tolerated. Bans will ensue.

• Respect the site’s staff, who moderate the site.

•The rule of thumb is “it’s not always what you say, but how you say it”; be careful in how you phrase things. If you are making a joke that could easily be misconstrued, please use a winking emoticon. If something reads literally, it’s your job to help others know you are joking.

•’Txt-spk’ is not allowed. Please use capital letters at the start of sentences, proper words and sentences (but don’t jump on posters for whom English is not a first language). If you can’t take the time to spell words properly and use capital letters where appropriate, then don’t post until you have time to write it out properly. Untidy posts may be deleted.

•No copy and pasting from behind other paywalls, unless the author or the website has made it free in some form. And of course, no posting TTT paywalled material on other sites, unless permission is granted (free articles can be shared, obviously).

•Respect the established community, who have helped set the tone of the site.

•Swearing is fine, but in moderation; save it for effect. (Unless you have Tourette’s.) Excessive swearing may result in a ban. Swearing at someone else is not ok. Things like “FFS” at what other people is not okay.

•Please don’t post links to the Sun newspaper, for obvious reasons. Also, no links to the Liverpool Kop and Koptalk websites.

•On any of these issues, you are likely to be warned first, red-carded second, unless it’s a straight red card offence.

•The best posts will be considered for upgrading to TTT articles, unless the individual poster objects. The best posters may be invited to become TTT scribes.

Remember, no-one is forcing you to join in the debate. If you are new, take the time to get a feel for the place.

Any problems regarding the breaking of rules, please email We appreciate any help with our moderating, but only alert us to serious breaches.

Enjoy the site, and exit via the giftshop.