Gift a Subscription

This page allows you to make annual payments which do not require a Paypal account, and also provides a way to gift subscriptions to others.

This is an alternative way to subscribe, and not the standard way for people with a Paypal account who wish to sign themselves up.

PLEASE NOTE: to subscribe this way you will need to provide us with additional information – either register a TTT user account (i.e. reserve a username) to which the payment can be accredited, or ask us to create one for you, if it’s a gift for someone else (we will need a valid email address for that person).

If you don’t already have TTT username, register one here (but obviously click off when you get to the point where you are asked to pay, as that will take you through to the standard payment method, which requires a Paypal account).

Once we receive the payment, we can marry the funds with the username, to create 12 months’ access.

The process at our end when paying from this page is manual – which is why we prefer that people pay by the automated Paypal subscription if possible* – so please allow 3 working days for it to be set up for you.

Cost: £40 for one year (a £2 discount on 12 monthly £3.50 payments)

* Standard monthly or yearly subscriptions can be signed up to here.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, click the ‘Buy Now’ button directly above, and when the page appears, click on the link highlighted in the screengrab example below: