TTT Podcast

TTT Pod #9: Super Start, Terrific Transfers

Daniel Rhodes, Chris Rowland, Andrew Beasley & Abhi Vinay Rajput

Topics include:

  • Watching Liverpool vs Leeds with opposition fans
  • Lack of a crowd must have an impact?
  • Brilliant Bielsa
  • The arrival of Thiago after the standard summer saga
  • Has there been a better 45 minute debut performance?
  • Did anyone pick up on the Jota deal?
  • What will both players offer?
  • Dominating a cowardly Chelsea side with perfect control

TTT Pod #8: Previews, Predictions & Perched!

Daniel Rhodes hosts Paul Tomkins, Andrew Beasley & Mark Cohen

Topics include:

  • What can we expect from Liverpool this season?
  • Placing the recent points tally into context
  • What type of manager is Klopp: ends or environmental?
  • Getting paid to promote Perched!
  • Refusing to predict the Reds’ points total
  • Beez’s book
  • The TTT community is King & Queen!