TTT Podcast

TTT Pod #10: The Lost Video Podcast

Daniel Rhodes hosts Paul Tomkins, Chris Rowland and Andrew Beasley

This was intended be the first TTT post on our new YouTube channel, unfortunately it failed to record to the video files! We’ve decided to release the audio as there’s plenty of quality debate but one or two references are made to being able to see each other, so apologies if they make no sense listening along. Use your imagination!

Topics include:

  • Gomez’s injury
  • Why do international friendlies exist?
  • LIVE news on Salah positive test from our Covid correspondent
  • The Quarterly
  • Rivalry with Man City
  • The Reds’ pressing and breaking down the DNA of our goals
  • Stories from Chris’ book ‘From Where I Was Standing’
  • How would social media have changed perceptions today

TTT Pod #9: Super Start, Terrific Transfers

Daniel Rhodes, Chris Rowland, Andrew Beasley & Abhi Vinay Rajput

Topics include:

  • Watching Liverpool vs Leeds with opposition fans
  • Lack of a crowd must have an impact?
  • Brilliant Bielsa
  • The arrival of Thiago after the standard summer saga
  • Has there been a better 45 minute debut performance?
  • Did anyone pick up on the Jota deal?
  • What will both players offer?
  • Dominating a cowardly Chelsea side with perfect control

TTT Pod #8: Previews, Predictions & Perched!

Daniel Rhodes hosts Paul Tomkins, Andrew Beasley & Mark Cohen

Topics include:

  • What can we expect from Liverpool this season?
  • Placing the recent points tally into context
  • What type of manager is Klopp: ends or environmental?
  • Getting paid to promote Perched!
  • Refusing to predict the Reds’ points total
  • Beez’s book
  • The TTT community is King & Queen!
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