The TTT Advice, Support, Welfare and Community Café/Social Club

These are generally anxious and stressful times, and men, in particular, can have a difficult time talking about issues in their life, leading to a higher risk of suicide.

While TTT also has a fair few female subscribers (whom we dearly welcome!), our user-base reflects the fact that, on average, more men obsessively follow football than women. And so this is somewhere men can share personal issues, if they need someone to talk to.

(And of course, women can share their problems here too! – although women, it seems, are much more likely to have friends they can discuss things with and be more likely to actually do so; and the community of women on TTT is perhaps not large enough to get a good sample for replies on any specific women’s issues!)

So this is just an area to discuss more personal stories or to reach out during a difficult time. Or, just to chat about life.

I’m also aware that our subscriber base is generally on the older side, as what we do doesn’t really appeal to the kids out there! A fair few of us who run the site have health issues, or care for those with health issues, and I know some of our subscribers have been through horrific illnesses.

In a famous American study undertaken every 5-10 years, most people when surveyed used to say they had 3-5 close friends and confidants they could call on in an emergency (or even to call in times of great joy). By 2003 the the most common answer was zero.

But this area of TTT is not just a place for problems – it’s somewhere that good things can be shared, too.

The “About You” thread has served this purpose, but I thought maki it a bit more formal might aid more conversation. We also had the Friday Night Club, but ringleader Leeberolf has joined the long list of original TTTers becoming a parent and, as such, no longer spends every waking minute on the site. This page may end up sitting dormant – as people may not feel like sharing – but it’s here should anyone need it.

We will also add lists of helpful websites to visit should you be experiencing any difficulties.