*Bumper* Post-Match Analysis: Benfica 1-3 Liverpool

*Bumper* Post-Match Analysis: Benfica 1-3 Liverpool
April 5, 2022 Andrew Beasley


Paul Tomkins, Andrew Beasley, Daniel Rhodes, Chris Rowland and several other TTT regulars will give their thoughts for 24 hours after the game, and we’ll have all the post-match statistics too.

Post-Match Thoughts

Paul Tomkins

A game of, er, three halves. Liverpool could have scored about seven in a combination of the first half and the final ten minutes, but didn’t have a single shot in the 35 minutes in between. As such, a great result, but a very mixed display.

The first half was electric, with Benfica dangerous on the break but the Reds pummelling them for most of the 45, with 12 shots, six on target – the best half the Reds have played in ages.

Then it felt like they switched off at half-time, job done, ready for Man City. This may be the pattern of a crazy April: energy conservation, within games. But not as sloppily as this from minutes 45-80. Once Benfica scored, Liverpool clearly went up a gear or two, although by then, so had the home team and the crowd.

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