Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 3-2 AC Milan

Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 3-2 AC Milan
September 16, 2021 Daniel Rhodes

Coming from behind in Istanbul to beat AC Milan is arguably the pinnacle of the Reds’ history in the European Cup. It is certainly one of the most iconic moments. When Liverpool went one nil up in this match, followed by Salah being awarded a slightly fortunate penalty for handball, it looked like we were about to double our lead and virtually put the match to bed.

And then, from nowhere, the Italian visitors cut through us with ruthless efficiency – twice – in two minutes. We trudged into the changing rooms somehow losing at half-time, with players and fans shell-shocked. Thankfully, we came out after the break in the same manner as the first half, and turned it around in the end. Question is: was it deserved based on the data we have available?

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