*Bumper* Post-Match Analysis: Brentford 3-3 Liverpool

*Bumper* Post-Match Analysis: Brentford 3-3 Liverpool
September 25, 2021 Daniel Rhodes

By: Paul Tomkins, Nari Singh, Chris Rowland, Daniel Rhodes, and various other TTTers hopefully! To be updated for up to 24 hours after the game.

Post-Match Comment:

Paul Tomkins:

That was a horrible game, from my perspective – if good for the neutral.

Liverpool felt like a mess, either ragged of their own poor work or made ragged by Brentford. It was full of bad marking, bad defending, bad finishing, and admittedly, amazing goalkeeping by their keeper and sharp finishing by the Brentford players. There were only two brief periods where the Reds had any sort of control, without the threat of Brentford breaking, and one of those was the first five minutes.

Andy Robertson has been excellent for Liverpool since he signed, but he’s not been as good for 18 months now. He’s had some injury issues. But frankly, if Kostas Tsimikas played that badly I’d be worried for The Greek Lad. I think that’s as inept as I’ve ever seen anyone play, in terms of it being a litany of bad passing, bad crossing, bad first touch, and bad shooting (aside from one barnstorming run).

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