So, Which One of You Made the Faustian Pact?

So, Which One of You Made the Faustian Pact?
May 6, 2021 Paul Tomkins


Okay, own up. Was it you?

Just a few years ago, think of all the bargains we were making with deities, or the deals made with the devil – those Faustian pacts – where Liverpool finally win the league, and anything that followed would be perfectly tolerable, and we promised to suffer it unflinchingly?

Who, in 2019, wasn’t doing just that?

Maybe you got in a bit earlier, and made your pact in 2018, after the pain of Real Madrid and Sergio Pig’s Heart Ramos, and you wanted the Reds to win the Champions League, too? Or you could be amongst those of us making such bargains since about 1991.

And now look where we are, in what, in several ways, has been a season from hell.

But some important things are worth remembering, lest we get too down. Just because it is “darkest before dawn” does not mean the sun has to rise on cue, beyond the actual sun rising on cue. However, this season has been a storm, and despite walking through it, the wind and the rain has not stopped. Yet, it will end.

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