My Day At The Match: The Final! (With Added Fans)

My Day At The Match: The Final! (With Added Fans)
May 24, 2021 Daniel Rhodes


By Allen Baynes

23rd May 2021: not a final in the usual sense of the word but this is how Klopp framed this game. We won the semi final at Turf Moor which enables us to compete for the final, no trophy, but a free pass into the Champions League for 21/22. Now that is a prize worth having, ask anyone who was in Rome, (x2), Wembley, Paris, Istanbul, and Madrid.

My Day At The Match began way before the 23rd May, it began when I got a season ticket in my name, for the first time in 60 years of going to Anfield, that was at the end of last season. To underline what a weird season this has been reflect on this, I go into the season with a ticket for every game and at the end of the season, for the very last game I get to go to the match! Yet I am the lucky one, well me and 9,999 others.

I had successfully negotiated the online assault course to navigate my way through the LFC website to first get my season ticket confirmed, then again to get into the ballot, then to pass all the hurdles to fully qualify, part of which involved sticking an implement up my nose and down my throat and waiting 30 minutes to confirm that my two vaccinations have worked so far!

So, to the day, nervous? Somewhat, the things that have gone wrong this season can make no one feel 100% confident. Injuries, Referees, VAR, dodgy goals and now Hodgson’s last game and it is a final and he could get his first meaningful trophy of his career. Surely not?

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