Liverpool Went the Whole Nine Yards in April, as Their Goals Prove

Liverpool Went the Whole Nine Yards in April, as Their Goals Prove
May 18, 2021 Andrew Beasley


Sometimes it snows in April, and for Liverpool there was a blizzard of goals in the fourth month of 2021 compared with the three that came before. Get the videprinter out, lads, the Reds scored 8 (EIGHT) times.

It wouldn’t be the 2020/21 season if it were all positive though. The only game Liverpool failed to score in was naturally the one where they needed to net at least twice. Farewell to the Champions League, and who knows how long for?

April was strange. It didn’t feel like the Reds had enjoyed a particularly good month, and yet they were the second best team in the Premier League in this arbitrary 30 day period. Though as they only won two games out of four, that says more about the dross in the Greatest League In The World™ rather than any excellence on their part.

So let’s delve into the eight goals to see what they tell us about love, life and the universe, via the films of Matthew Perry and the music of Ariana Grande among other things. Well, not really, but also, a bit.

The Whole Nine Yards

When working on these articles each month it’s good to keep an open mind, rather than automatically looking to check something which occurred before.

Staring at the April section of the Goals DNA spreadsheet it swiftly became clear that there were quite a few goals scored from relatively close range. More specifically, six of the eight were netted from nine yards out or closer.

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