Should Sport Be Fairer Than Life In General? – The TTT Debate

Should Sport Be Fairer Than Life In General? – The TTT Debate
March 29, 2021 Chris Rowland


By Various TTT Subscribers, authors, staff and dungeon-dwellers.

How important is fairness in sport?

Is the whole point that sport, unlike life, is all about finding a level playing field?

Obviously we can want society to be fairer than it currently is (especially in many places in the world), but does sport need to be even more fair? Life will always be full of inequities, as much as we’d like more equality in many situations, but do the rules of sport make it easier to set rules that are more just? Sport is obviously less important than society as a whole, but sport itself is surely where we seek parity, where possible?

Do we feel that the Premier League is fair? Should it be fair? Should justice in sport be blind (or just the referees?)

And how does officiating in the Premier League look when set against other sports, and against football in other countries? 

Ahead of publishing our investigation into officiating consistency and potential biases, we on TTT had our own debate about this (mostly a week ago), as a precursor to our mammoth survey and series of articles and videos about officiating and VAR in football.

Paul Tomkins posed the above questions – here’s what came back from the sages, and subscribers can enter their thoughts in the comment section below.

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