Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham

Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham
December 17, 2020 Daniel Rhodes

If I hadn’t watched this game with my own eyes – and just looked at the underlying stats – then, like The Moaning One, the only conclusion would be that the best team did indeed lose. According to Opta, Tottenham had four big chances, and we had zero. Make of that what you will, but thankfully I did watch the match, and it was a joy to behold. Yes, Spurs did score with their one attack in the first half; but for the other 44 minutes and 55 seconds Liverpool attacked and if it wasn’t for the ball which seemed to be magnetically attracted to Hugo Lloris’ midriff. Are the stats wrong in this game? Or do we have to accept Spurs might feel annoyed at not getting a point?

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