‘Houdini In a Closed Mind’

‘Houdini In a Closed Mind’
June 16, 2020 Chris Rowland


Written by TTT Subscriber Bob Pearce.

Who among us would have a closed mind and an open mind?

You could say that all of our minds will be ‘closing’ to some degree. For example, when we have little time, feel tired, and need a decision. And you could say that all of our minds will be ‘opening’ to some extent. For example, when we make a little time, feel inspired, and want some choices.

It may be more helpful to say that all our minds will be some blend of both ‘opening’ and ‘closing’. In a similar way to how, health-wise, we will be somewhere between becoming fit and becoming unfit. Every closed, locked, and sealed door retains potential to be opened again. And it remains possible to close, lock and seal every open door again.

When we stop and look, we can see many differences in how we interact with our worlds when we feel our minds closing and when we feel our minds opening.

When we feel our minds closing we crave certainty in an uncertain world, so we simplify complexity and try to hide our nagging doubts. We want to get on with arriving at a conclusion by winning the war between right and wrong. We expect to arrive at the final destination, reach a standstill, then settle down and reside.

When we feel our minds opening we accept uncertainty in an uncertain world, so we recognise complexity and try to heed our warning doubts. We can get along without arriving at a conclusion, by continuing with battles between what seems fitting and ill-fitting. We expect to visit temporary locations, reach a stepping stone, then saddle up again and ride.

When we feel our minds closing we get an allergy for uncertainty. It makes us uncomfortable. If we can tell ourselves we feel ‘sure’ and can give rapid response answers, it can make us appear confident, certain and concise. We’ll have answers looking for questions with a carefree impatience of a flicked switch. Long story short. Hard subject simple. We’ll accept a hurried answer over a helpful answer.

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