Post-Match Analysis: Watford 3 – 0 Liverpool

Post-Match Analysis: Watford 3 – 0 Liverpool
March 1, 2020 Daniel Rhodes

The worst football match Liverpool have played under Klopp. And the only other match that comes close was a five-nil defeat when we had a man sent off. The basic stats, the underlying stats, the advanced stats are all in united conclusion that this was as bad it gets for the Reds. It was the first time we’ve failed to score this season in the league; the end of the 18 game winning streak meaning we failed to break the record; the end of the unbeaten league record meaning Arsenal fans all enjoyed their favourite moment of the season; but really, it was only one defeat, and 99% of league champions lose a game at some point, so while the next few sections might be painful, we’ve had quite the run and there’s something cathartic about crashing back down to reality. Because for about 18 months I’ve felt we’ve been riding some sort of machine-like football dream ride.

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