Post-Match Analysis: Wolves 1 – 2 Liverpool

Post-Match Analysis: Wolves 1 – 2 Liverpool
January 24, 2020 Daniel Rhodes

Lucky Liverpool: the blockbuster movie staring Lady Luck, Father Fortune and Blessed Brother, as well as millions of bitter troll-like creatures, faces contorted, unable to comprehend, pointing angry fingers whilst simultaneously watching new Disney titles such as ‘Jurgen Klopp and the Eleven Mentality Monsters’. The narratives are strong after this game, and to an extent that is entirely fair. The post-match analysis is an objective look at the underlying data, and while we’ve had plenty of dominating and deserved wins in the past few months, this is one where we benefitted from some poor finishing by the opposition; where we were tested several times; when two or three players looked off-the-pace, and the atmosphere became frenzied; but still, despite all of this, came away with the precious three points. We always come away with three points…

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