My Week at the World Club Championship, Qatar – Part 1

My Week at the World Club Championship, Qatar – Part 1
December 23, 2019 Chris Rowland


By Allen Baynes.

My week at this match actually started six months ago, on the night of June 1st and the Champions League Final in Madrid. I sat in Sol Square waiting to meet up with my mates, they had tickets, I sadly didn’t. I was exhausted, I had watched the game with my nephews and great nephews and their mates, it must have been over 30 degrees in the bar and the combination of emotion, heat and a few beers had taken their toll. Also, I was both ecstatic and gutted at the same time, ecstatic for obvious reasons and gutted to miss the first final that I had gone to and not got in. (ditto Allen -Ed 🙁 )

It was then that I thought about the World Club Cup final. I had been to Japan in 2005 and this was the only major trophy that I hadn’t seen LFC win. I didn’t know where it was going to be, but I was going to go. Then I found out it was Qatar.

As we know from these pages, that has had an air of controversy about it. I won’t revisit that in detail, if you are interested go back to the match thread. I did some research and listened to many views but having been to many parts of the world with various forms of culture and governance, I decided to go. After all at least you don’t see people sleeping on the streets!!

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