Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 1 Napoli 1

Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 1 Napoli 1
November 28, 2019 Andrew Beasley


Liverpool missed an opportunity to secure their spot in the knock-out phase of the Champions League, as they were only able to earn a 1-1 draw with Napoli.

The visiting side’s history suggested a Napoli win in this match was unlikely, as they have been surprisingly poor travellers in Europe. This was their 82nd match in the major UEFA competitions, and they’ve only won two in a row once before. Having won at Salzburg in match week three, another victory wasn’t on the cards here.

Napoli hadn’t won any of their previous nine visits to England either, only drawing once. But they had pedigree in the dugout in the form of Carlo Ancelotti, the last visiting manager to win a European match at Anfield, with Real Madrid in 2014.

As Sam Allardyce was the last man to win a Premier League game for an away team at Anfield, he and Carlo actually have something of sorts in common. Allardycio, anyone? Thought not. Throw in the domestic cups and you can add Alan Pardew and Maurizio Sarri to the ‘last visiting winners by competition’ list. Two Italians and two dinosaurs sounds like the worst Jurassic Park remake ever. But I digress.

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