Post-Match Analysis: Aston Villa 1 – 2 Liverpool

Post-Match Analysis: Aston Villa 1 – 2 Liverpool
November 2, 2019 Daniel Rhodes

I give up. I gave up. I have to admit it. Unlike the football players playing for Liverpool, my stream barely worked all match. It was bitty. It was buffering. It was bullshit. After about 80 minutes I was watching Man City “dive” their way to a lucky victory over a team that gets hammered nine-nil on a regular basis. For the first time under Klopp’s tenure, I was reduced to watching the game on Twitter and TTT. My first refresh was met with “ROBBO!!”. At that point the mood was calm. An away point playing against 13 players is impressive. We then had a free-kick, according to Twitter, and Trent didn’t ping it in the top corner. Still an impressive away point against 13 players.


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