Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1

Post-Match Analysis: Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1
October 5, 2019 Daniel Rhodes

Every week I worry the streak will end; it has to, it’s logical. Surely one day we’ll absolutely destroy a team with six big chances and get hit with a suckerpunch to stop it. That, from start to finish, we’ll create top quality chances, perform to our peak, and get done on the break. This was that day. And yet, we won, again. Maybe it’ll happen at Old Trafford, but for now we get to savour eight wins out of eight at the top of the table. We get to savour the greatest winning streak in Liverpool Football Club’s history. We get to savour the utter brilliance of this wonderful team. Drink it in, and top it up with the bitterness of other fans – because that is quite something to behold at the moment. Stick a lemon in your mouth, and you’re not even close to how Man City and Everton fans are feeling this morning.

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