Fair Finance – the Case for Financial Fair Play

Fair Finance – the Case for Financial Fair Play
May 22, 2019 Chris Rowland


By David Fitzgerald (TTT Subscriber Madchenkliop).

What is fair?

Now anyone who knows me would not imagine I would suddenly emerge as a knight in shining armour coming out to defend UEFA’s Financial Fair Play, and I must admit I’ve surprised myself. The truth is if you presented me with a button that would reset the financial resources of every club in Europe to the same amount I would press it without a second thought, even though it be bad for my beloved LFC. But that ain’t gonna happen.

So I wrote a massive diatribe about a lot of things to do with football finance and fair play which obviously relate to the City situation where things just do seem so unfair, but I’d like to stress that my main motivation was to clear my head on whether LFC, with their similarly massive points haul and all-conquering steamrollering of other teams, was also adding to an uncompetitive mix. For me, there is a whiff of partisan bullshit that needs to be dispelled.

This season’s Premier League table tells an incredible story, but the collective interpretation of the data, especially from the mainstream media, paints a very confusing picture. Are City and LFC ‘on a similar level’ (as the table suggests – Ed) or should their achievements be recalibrated according to FFP? I honestly don’t think it’s a straightforward answer. Some of us are saying they feel sullied by discussing this when the focus should be celebratory about us only, but my feeling is that I’m going to feel better by analysing the situation.

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