From Where I Was Watching: Bayern Munich (A).

From Where I Was Watching: Bayern Munich (A).
March 18, 2019 Chris Rowland


By Andrew Potter (TTT Subscriber Andklopp).

I have written a few MDATM’s for TTT but this is my first My Day Watching the Match.

That’s because circumstances have meant that I am watching this in Syria. I am working for a big humanitarian organisation (part of the UN) here at the moment. We have operations in Damascus and throughout Syria and this has been a difficult week.

Firstly, the organisation lost seven colleagues in the awful plane crash in Ethiopia. On Monday 150 people gathered in the office in Damascus to pay tribute to them. They were all personally known to many of the team in the office and people recounted moving and sometimes funny stories of those that lost their lives…”he was brilliant at barbecuing, she had the loudest laugh I ever heard, he did x to help on the Ebola crisis” and so on. If the deceased’s relatives had heard what was said about their loved ones at the gathering, I am sure they would have been very proud.

Second, we were unable to travel to the far north east of the country for a particular task this week – which will create challenges for later this month. But there is one big advantage to this news. And that is that getting to watch the game is now possible.

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