My Night at the London Stadium. Foul Language and Foul Attitudes.

My Night at the London Stadium. Foul Language and Foul Attitudes.
February 4, 2019 Chris Rowland


By Tricia Hill (TTT Subscriber TriciaindaHouse).

Fortunately my boss allowed me to leave work early, so I left Westminster at about 5.45, via the Jubilee line, arriving at Stratford about five past 6. I had a bite to eat, then walked to the stadium, arriving in time to watch the warm-ups, although being with the home fans in the opposite end to the away fans, I wasn’t close enough to see much of our lads.

The somewhat experimental midfield came as a bit of a surprise, and I suspected we’d miss Gini and Hendo… I wasn’t wrong. The West Ham fans around me obviously knew each other and I caught snippets of conversation…”They won’t win the league, they haven’t got the bottle”…”Curse of Slippy G”…”I’d rather facking City won it”…”We’re gonna get battered”…Well, that was all fairish comment, and I just smiled to myself and hoped we would indeed batter them.

Then just before kick-off this bloke arrived behind me. He regaled his mates with the tale of how he’d seen someone wearing a half-and-half scarf. On being asked what he was doing in such an abomination (I paraphrase), the guy had supposedly said that he was a Liverpool fan, at which point the bloke behind me had offered him out, not deterred by the fact that the said Liverpool fan was apparently 65 (more paraphrasing…)

I feel here the need to say that at nearly 54 I have heard all sorts of language and am nobody’s idea of a shrinking violet. The relevance of this claim will become evident.

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