Build a Rocket Boys – Taking Liverpool FC to the Stars

Build a Rocket Boys – Taking Liverpool FC to the Stars
January 27, 2019 Chris Rowland
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By TTT Subscriber Mark Cohen.

I have, like I’m sure many others, an intense interest in the 1960’s space race and the indelible mark this left on humanity’s collective minds, in terms of what we achieve if we put our minds to it.
As a boy, I would collect posters/toys/books of the various shuttles/landers etc, but my primary fascination would always turn back to the rockets needed to lift these heavy payloads into space.

Naturally, one would stand out.

I’ll return to that a little later, but before then, let me say how much I am enjoying Manchester United’s resurgence from a psychological perspective. Squad built for three quarters of a billion Euro, probably the worst ever assembled pound for pound, plays under a turgid, tired boss, performs poorly, then replaces useless manager with beaming ‘yes’ man, and the shackles come off to the tune of eight successive wins including two away at big 6 rivals. Human beings ‘eh, amazing.

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