Liverpool’s Best Start to a Season Ever!

Liverpool’s Best Start to a Season Ever!
December 10, 2018 Chris Rowland


By Terry Dolan (TTT Subscriber TerryD).

Just how good are this Liverpool team?

This is the best Liverpool team ever after 16 top flight league games. The best in terms of highest adjusted points (adjusted to 3 points for a win to help with comparison) and lowest goals conceded. These are the top 10 across all of LFC history:

Yes, better than 1978-79 with Dalglish and Souness, and 1987-88, the Barnes/Beardsley team. The level of competition here is immense. Four of those teams in the top 10 finished as champions. And that 1987-88 team went 29 league games undefeated, so still a way to go to beat that!

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