Press v Press – Huddersfield Town 0 Liverpool 1 Tactical Analysis

Press v Press – Huddersfield Town 0 Liverpool 1 Tactical Analysis
October 24, 2018 Benjamin Magnusson


While many do not usually welcome the international break, I am confident that many Liverpool fans breathed a sigh of relief when it finally arrived. It signalled the end of Liverpool’s intense seven-game run, which featured the likes of Tottenham, Paris Saint Germain, Napoli, Chelsea twice and finally, Manchester City.

Saturday’s game at Huddersfield, therefore, symbolised the light at the end of the tunnel. It was in this game that Liverpool were supposed to set the pace for the rest of their season – because, after all, it was just Huddersfield. By only taking three points from eight games, they had been relegated to 19th place in the Premier League. On paper, this seemed an easy win.

However, as Jürgen Klopp had warned, Huddersfield’s poor record did not do them justice in regard to their ability. As soon as the first ball was played, it was clear that Huddersfield did not intend to sit back and absorb pressure, as they instead implemented a high-pressing game similar to that which had brought their opponents so much success. This game was a true testament to the fact that the old saying “the table never lies” could not be wrong!

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