Jürgen Klopp Is So Demoralising 

Jürgen Klopp Is So Demoralising 
September 30, 2018 Paul Tomkins
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While other managers set about demoralising their own squads, Jürgen Klopp is intent on wearing down the opposition to the point where they really don’t want to play Liverpool. 

Obviously Manchester City are doing something similar, with an intense style and almost immaculate, obsessive possession; something Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea seems to be trying to emulate (although Liverpool out-passed them yesterday, while Chelsea played on the break). Indeed, there are five teams out of the Big Six playing expansive, razor-sharp football with varying degrees of possession. (And then there’s Manchester United.)

But it’s worth focusing on all the absolutely demoralising aspects – from an opposition point of view – of Liverpool’s team right now; indeed, its squad.

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