The Days Before My Days At The Match In Kiev!

The Days Before My Days At The Match In Kiev!
May 25, 2018 Chris Rowland


The first mention of Kiev comes after we’ve drawn but before we’ve played City in the quarter-final: “forty quid flight from Warsaw to Kiev, six of us in so far, are you up for it? If so I’ll need the money at the match on Saturday”, says Pete.

“Er yeah, OK, count me in” I reply in a somewhat bewildered tone that fully reflected my feelings at that time. This felt not unlike throwing two twenty pound notes down the drain.  After all, how realistic was it that we would get that far, even if we beat City? Many questions began crowding in. What day is this flight, just so I know when we need to be in Warsaw by? And how do I get to Warsaw, and then home again?

It gives some indication of the sheer difference in scale trying to organise going to a Champions League final in a ‘faraway exotic’ location – let’s use those euphemisms, UEFA.

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