My Day The Match – Roma (H): Woodchip Wallpaper, Warrington & Wonderful Football

My Day The Match – Roma (H): Woodchip Wallpaper, Warrington & Wonderful Football
April 26, 2018 Daniel Rhodes


By TTT Subscriber Nari Singh

Friday 13th April: The Semi Final Draw.

God the build up is awful isn’t it!  The announcement came, Liverpool V Roma.  I was excited. It was daddy day care so my son wanted to know what I was watching on the IPad and why it wasn’t Paw-Patrol.

That evening, I got a call from my LFC buddy Craig, asking me what I thought about the draw.  I found it strange him calling, because he never calls me – but we got talking about the draw, and then he interrupted me, unable to contain his excitement : “I’ve got two tickets to the game brother, we’re going to Anfield to see the Reds!!” I was in a bit of shock, as I had thought there was no chance that was going to happen, we tried getting some hospitality tickets for the Man City game but all were taken immediately after the QF draw.  “You up for it yeah??” Just then, time stopped as my brain worked furiously: My wife and I bought and moved into a new house in January, it needed serious updating and renovating, the work was going to start on the 16th, and would probably last for 3-4 weeks. We’d have no access to a home, we’d most likely have to stay in a hotel and I’d be doing some of the work too, whilst ensuring my son was being looked after. To top it off, my wife had a work conference on Monday 23rd  and Tuesday 24th finishing at 6.30pm so I’d need to look after our son on those days. “YES, Absolutely, I’m in!” I said, whilst having no idea how it was all going to work in practice, but with these things, if it’s something you love dearly, you’ll make it work, somehow!

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