Post-Match Analysis: West Ham (H)

Post-Match Analysis: West Ham (H)
February 24, 2018 Daniel Rhodes


When the manager calls a performance “complete” you know it’s gone just about as well as it can against a low block David Moyes team at Anfield. Klopp is right: six big chances for the Reds; basically four expected goals which is as rare as can be with these models; over 2.0 xG for Sadio Mane on his own, and had he finished his other two big chances he could have walked away with the match ball for the second game running. SEVEN Liverpool players had over 2 xG Build Up (which counts all the xG in the possessions they are involved in), indicating that this was as close to a team affair as is possible. Add to that at least one vital save from Karius when the points were still up for grabs!

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