Post-Match Analysis: Huddersfield Town (A)

Post-Match Analysis: Huddersfield Town (A)
January 31, 2018 Daniel Rhodes


Fans going into constant meltdown, rage filling the airwaves, two defeats on the bounce, what a perfect time to play your best man’s team!

Huddersfield have barely threatened our goal in both matches we’ve played against them this season, and maybe Wagner has caught The Steve Bruce Syndrome, which involved handing over points while getting your belly tickled by an old boss.

Regardless, it was another impressive performance away from home with incredible pressure on the players and manager. Another four big chances (two for Salah and Mane).

Perhaps more headline grabbing is Liverpool had over a thousand touches of the ball for the first time in Premier League history. Matip (154) nearly completed more passes than the whole Huddersfield side (212).