When You Walk Through a Storm …

When You Walk Through a Storm …
February 8, 2017 Chris Rowland
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By TTT Subscriber Mike Taylor.

There’s one thing Liverpool fans have in common with parliamentary democracy in the UK and the rule of law in America: 2017 has been a bit of a disaster for all of these things so far …

In case anyone needs reminding about Liverpool’s 2017 so far: we drew at Sunderland after twice being in the lead, drew at home to Plymouth, lost at Southampton, drew at a terrible Manchester United, won at Plymouth, lost at home to Swansea, lost at home to Southampton (going out of the League Cup), and lost at home to Wolves (going out of the FA Cup). We thought the draw at home to Chelsea marked a turning point, but we followed it with a truly awful 2–0 default at Hull that resulted in predictable if preposterous calls for Klopp’s head.

It’s hard to believe we were top of the league in November, isn’t it?

And as I sat watching our impotent attempts to break down a Hull defence that didn’t even need to be that good to repel a stream of aimless crosses, I found myself thinking …

This is sort of fun, isn’t it?

Now maybe the Trumpocalypse has driven me a bit crazy; maybe my it’s-only-a-game-meter has been turned up to eleven by seeing the truly awful things happening elsewhere in the world at the moment. And yet there was a tiny part of me that was, in a teeth-gritted way, really enjoying how terrible we were.

Because we’re going to be good again.

And looking back on days like today is going to be part of what makes that special.

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