How to Beat Mourinho’s Man Utd

How to Beat Mourinho’s Man Utd
January 13, 2017 Daniel Rhodes
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By Daniel Rhodes.

For the rest of the season The Tomkins Times is going to be providing a detailed report on the opposition in the biggest games. We’re starting with Liverpool’s visit to Old Trafford on Sunday, looking at Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United, and focusing on all the best information and analysis available freely to the public.

The report below is available to download for free, but the vast majority of the rest of the series is for subscribers only alongside the individual scouting articles on transfer targets and key first team players.

Final Draft | Team Report Man Utd by Daniel Rhodes on Scribd

Interactive Match by Match data:

  • Including: goals for and against, xGs for and against, and ‘shot quality’ (xGs for divided by total shots).

*LFCs Watford figure is from 11tegen11, as Michael Caley’s isn’t available for that match.

The rest of this article is for subscribers only.