Post-Match Analysis: Chelsea (A)

Post-Match Analysis: Chelsea (A)
September 18, 2016 Daniel Rhodes

By Daniel Rhodes.

Once Liverpool went two-nil up, and weathered the slight breeze from Chelsea before half-time (at one point having attempted six shots to the Blues’ zero), it seemed so easy. They didn’t have any solutions to carve open anything apart from their own centre-back’s nose, via Mane’s head; we had all the answers pushing forward and breaking down their deeper defence, albeit with Lovren at a set piece and Henderson from the 0.1% expected goal range.

Unfortunately, the stats don’t seem to reflect the dominance I felt with exerted throughout. Why do I say this? Mainly because of the sheer number of touches they had inside our box (34 to 14). That’s a big margin. So maybe we’re missing out the defence when handing out praise in this match?