Can’t See the Woodburn For the Trees?

Can’t See the Woodburn For the Trees?
September 20, 2016 Chris Rowland

Liverpool FC Youth Review – Start-of-Season, Autumn 2016

Written by David Fitzgerald (TTT Subscriber madchenkliop).

Glen McAuley, Rhian Brewster and Liam Miller: three new names for the U18s. Who…?!!?  The first two recently scored in a win over Stoke and the latter got a hat trick in a game earlier on this season. Things are moving so fast in the Academy. Lots of new names (the term ‘trialist’ keeps cropping up!) and it’s hard to keep track at the moment. Here’s the official roster:


Under-21 players (Contract and Scholars)

Adekanye, Omobolaji Habeeb

Alexander Arnold, Trent

Atherton, Daniel

Awoniyi, Taiwo

Brannagan, Cameron

Brewitt, Tom

Brewster, Rhian

Brimmer, Jake

Camacho, Rafael Euclides Soares

Chirivella Burgos, Pedro

Correia Gomes, Toni

Coyle, Liam

Dhanda, Yan

Driscoll-Glennon, Anthony

Ejaria, Oviemuno

Firth, Andrew

Fulton, Ryan

Garcia Rey, Juan Manuel

George, Shamal

Gomes Aju, Madger Antonio

Gomez, Joseph David

Grabara, Kamil

Grujic, Marko

Hart, Samuel James

Hunter, Jordan

Jones, Lloyd Richard

Kane, Herbie

Kelleher, Caoimhin

Kent, Ryan

Lattie, Diego Omar

Lennon, Brooks

Lewis, Adam

Lewis, Kane

Maguire, Joseph

Masterson, Conor

McAuley, Glen

Millar, Liam

Neves Alves, Paulo Manuel

Ojo, Oluwaseyi

Origi, Divock Okoth

Owens, Kris

Parker, Mich’El

Phillips, Adam Lee

Phillips, Nathaniel Harry

Randall, Connor Steven

Rodrigues De Souza, Allan

Ryan Alonso, Dylan

Simmonds, Okera

Virtue Thick, Matthew Joseph

Whelan, Corey

Whyte, Harvey

Williams, Ben

Williams, Michael Jordan

Wilson, Harry

Woodburn, Benjamin

So how can we get any kind of sense of what LFC are trying to achieve with all this lot? If they were trying to amass an army then maybe, but there’s probably room for no more than one or two players per season to advance to the first team.

At the end of last season, just over a couple of months ago, I was asked, by Chris and Daniel to write a review of the best prospects and a list of almost ready young ones was suggested, the majority of whom were around the 20 yr old mark or older and deemed as the most realistic prospects for first team action. This list included, Ojo, Stewart, Chirivella, Smith, Randall, Kent, Ibe, Brannagan, Teixeira, Ilori and Wilson.

The rest of this review, discussing utility and elite players – those most likely to break through – is for Subscribers only.